Automation and Policy Enforcement
Automate queries for reliable enforcement of policy

Once data policies are defined they can be easily enforced using Index Engines automation. Policies can be stored as queries, including any simple or complex search that can be executed in the user interface. These action queries can range from reports that deliver an overview of the new responsive data to specific query results identifying and tagging new data for archive, for example.

Using automated reports and indexing that refreshes the dynamic content on a scheduled basis, you easily gain the knowledge and insight needed to manage data according to polices. Index Engines' action queries and reports store common requests and define a schedule that automates these activities and also logs the reports for historical views into the data.

Automation can include tagging of data to support review and classification of the content, or more detailed disposition activity including defensible deletion and legal hold. Leveraging these automation policies can be easily enforced and user files and email that are sensitive or relative to corporate governance initiatives can be easily discovered and managed.


  • Filters and queries can be pre-defined, stored and scheduled.
  • Automated search and processing of data as it is indexed to streamline data
  • Results from queries include the automated tagging of responsive data and detailed reports on results and even automated archival of responsive data