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GDPR and Data Security Solutions

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fundamentally changes how organizations manage personal data. Giving citizens the right to access, rectify, erase, restrict, and migrate their personal content existing in any data center that does business in the European Union.

Index Engines' technology delivers extensive search and management solutions that empower you to find all personal data under management with considerable precision and meet or exceed the requirements of the regulation through implementation of powerful indexing technology. Index Engines supports all classes of data from primary storage to legacy backup data.

Index Engines provides:

  • Data classification for unstructured files and email, to find and categorized in-scope data for the GDPR
  • Powerful search tools to find data using pattern, keyword, conceptual search and more
  • Integrated disposition tools to manage data in support of the regulation
  • Auditing and monitoring solutions to protect and secure data

Index Engines’ Workflow

Index Engines’ data governance software implements a workflow to bring personal data into compliance with the GDPR.

No other solution can support large scale data environments which include both primary storage as well as data archived in backup.

Use Index Engines for a variety of projects, including:

- Petabyte-class indexing technology
- Supports federation for large scale environments
- High speed, enterprise class performance
- Comprehensive search and reporting
- Integrated management and disposition capabilities
- Secure archiving to support preservation and access of sensitive data
- Automated data management to support ongoing polices
GDPR workflow


The first step to compliance is quickly classifying all your data into one of three categories: data with no business value, data clearly out of scope to the GDPR, and data that may be in scope to the GDPR. This will take a large data environment and narrow it to a focused data set that can be easily searched.

Index Engines provides built in reports and charts, as well as the ability to output report data in csv text files that can be used with 3rd party reporting tools.  Additionally, Index Engines supports integration with Tableau for advanced reporting, analytics and visualization.


Key Product Features:

  • High speed, in-place metadata indexing
  • Support for unstructured files and email
  • Only solution to support backup data
  • Comprehensive reporting & analysis


Up to 40% of the data in a typical enterprise can be classified as ROT. Redundant, trivial and obsolete content is clogging networks and making the management of personal and sensitive content an unnecessary challenge. Cleaning out ROT data will streamline support for the GDPR and also free up budget what will help pay for GDPR technology.

Key Product Features:

  • Analysis of redundant, obsolete & trivial data
  • Cloud migration or defensible deletion of ROT
  • Streamline data center & reclaim capacity
  • Significantly reduce data storage expense


The definition of personal data in the regulation is vast. Implementing a search solution that will ensure you find everything, even when you don’t know what you are looking for, is critical. Index Engines delivers the most extensive and comprehensive search options, including the use of machine learning algorithms for data that is hidden deep.

Key Product Features:

  • Highly efficient content indexing
  • Flexible search option to find personal data
  • Keyword, Boolean, pattern, conceptual search
  • Find data with considerable precision



Once data is classified, tagged and organized, it can easily be managed. Disposition of content is integrated with Index Engines and allows for migration, archiving or deletion of content based on your polices. This supports the GDPR’s requirements to access and manage personal data.

Key Product Features:

  • Integrated disposition: migrate, copy, delete
  • Monitor data in place
  • Defensible deletion of data with no value
  • Integrated archiving of sensitive content


Most security software will tell you that something happened after the fact. With Index Engines you can proactively audit your sensitive content and determine if there are employees who are able to access or have accessed data they should not. Cleaning up and securing this data will help prevent data breaches and manage exposure.


Key Product Features:

  • Proactively purge or secure sensitive content
  • Monitor activity logs to find rogue users
  • Control access to sensitive files via ACL audit
  • Be more proactive with sensitive content


Organizations will need to show compliance with the GDPR through the use of technology and sound policies. Index Engines supports the Data Protection Officer with auditable workflow and defensible processing of data. This ensures user content will be continually managed using a reliable and sound methodology.

Key Product Features:

  • Automated indexing and classification
  • Monitor data in place based on policy
  • Schedule and run stored policy queries
  • Automated reporting with email notifications

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