Data Governance for the GDPR

Data protection and privacy is at the forefront of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act that is going to take effect for all companies that conduct business in the EU starting in May of 2018. Among the many layers of the act, the GDPR requires organizations to protect sensitive customer records from breaches and be able to locate and produce a customer record upon request.

This has created a lot of questions for IT and legal teams...

• How do you manage petabytes of network data?
• Where do you start with legacy backup tapes?
• What tool can provide the intelligence needed to define and support policy?

Index Engines can answer all those questions. Index Engines provides the most comprehensive, scalable data governance solution on the market to empower organizations to become GDPR compliant. Find, manage, archive and even defensibly delete data across all classes of storage, even legacy backup tape and disk.

Why Index Engines?

Index Engines delivers unmatched:

• High Speed Indexing: Delivering network indexing speeds reaching up to 1TB per hour for a single node, faster than any other product on the market today.
• Comprehensive Search: Search across file and email metadata, mailboxes, content, patterns, and more, quickly and efficiently.
• Dynamic Reporting & Classification: One click reports summarize and classify data quickly, profiling content and displaying what exists.
• Intelligent Disposition: Develop data polices and migrate, delete, archive data based on business needs.
• Defensible Archiving & Preservation: Secure and retain sensitive data required to support long-term retention and legal policies.
• SharePoint Searches: Index and search SharePoint archives to find and manage data more efficiently.
• Security Audits: Search and reporting on ACLs (access control lists) and the metadata surrounding file permissions and who has access to those files.
• Email Management: Search email databases to find and manage relevant content in support of GDPR and legal requirements.
• PII/PST Audits: Find sensitive files and email containing identification and credit card numbers and secure it to manage risk.

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