Index Engines Logos and Templates

For co-branding needs, please find our branded material and temaplates.


(Logo usage: Standard logo size is 180px x 75px and should be displayed at that size whenever possible. Should always be at a minimum size of 141x60 where standard size is not possible. Logos should be displayed in the standard Index Engines’ light and dark blue or as solid white. Don’t change the logo’s orientation, bevel or emboss logo, place the logo on top of a pattern or picture, change the logo colors, crop the logo, add effects, display as an outline only graphic, place the logo on a similarly colored background, outline the logo, add a drop shadow, place within a box or alter any logo elements. The logo should have a minimum 20 pixel clear space around the logo when displayed at the standard size.)

Index Engines Logo JPG

Index Engines TIG

Index Engines EPS


(Template usage: Templates may be used for co-authored, co-branded or co-presented content. The templates should always accurately reflect Index Engines messaging, capabilities and offerings. All templates must include Index Engines latest copyright  and contact information and should not be altered with the exception of adding a partner logo.)

Index Engines Letterhead

Index Engines Branded Multi-Page Word Document

Index Engines Branded PowerPoint Template



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