Legacy Data Migration Assurance Program

Providing Smarter Data Restoration and Migration Services to Bring Data of Value to Disk or Cloud

Index Engines automates the migration of data of value from backup images to online archives on disk or cloud storage. Using Index Engines unique direct access technology - and avoiding traditional restoration services, backup data can be scanned, audited, and valuable business files and email migrated to an archive for long-term retention. This eliminates the use of legacy backup tapes or D2D backups for data archiving and streamlines access and retention policies in support of legal and compliance.

Index Engines Legacy Data Migration Assurance program helps clients ensure that the archiving of backup data to an online archive is easy and painless. Our engineers will manage the installation, training, processing and ongoing support of the migration project in order to guarantee success. This program is managed remotely by our certified engineers using secure access to your server, and includes the following key components:

  • Installation and Configuration: Implementation of the Index Engines software and connection to tape libraries and network/cloud storage.
  • Product Training: Training on the user interface as well as the administrative features of the product.
  • Migration Policy Development & Implementation: Development of data policy along with your team to determine what content will be migrated from tape to disk.
  • Project Overview & Timing: Development of a project plan that will determine the resources required for the project as well as a schedule and milestones.
  • Daily Audit & Onsite Coordination: Daily remote monitoring of the Index Engines system to review logs and audit the process. Remote guidance will be provided to your local staff instructing them on next steps.
  • Troubleshooting & Resolution: Monitor and resolve any product related issues in a timely manner.
  • Monthly Executive Review: Monthly meetings with your team to review the progress and milestones as compared to the defined project plan.

Our dedicated team will be with you through installation, training, processing to monthly manager calls to track progress, and guarantee success. These straightforward guidelines along with our proprietary technology ensure a migration process that is both accurate and painless.

Download our full Legacy Migration Assurance Data Sheet to see how our key components and requirements guarantee your success.


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