Comprehensive Search
Quick and flexible search across massive data volumes

Index Engines web-based user interface allows for quick and flexible search across massive data volumes. The interface is intuitive, enabling filtering by location, data type, owners and more. Quickly find data based on Boolean, proximity, regular expression, wildcard, patterns, location and other powerful search criteria. Search across networks, email servers, even legacy and archive repositories. Flexible deduplication options ensure you can find the unique data you need and quickly filter out redundant content.

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As data is searched and the list of relevant results displayed, Index Engines presents a preview option to review the content of the files and email. Using the document review panel, highlighted search keywords and content can be scanned and the relevancy determined allowing files and emails to be tagged for easy access and management.

All queries can be stored and scheduled to run periodically. These action queries provide automated knowledge and management of content based on corporate data polices.


  • Intuitive web-based search and reporting interface.
  • Flexible queries including Boolean, pattern, proximity, regular expression, conceptual and more.
  • Search on simple or deep metadata, user mailboxes, or full text content.
  • Queries can include: Access/Modified Times, Duplicates, File Types/Extensions, Hosts, Locations, Owners, Size, Patterns, Tags and more
  • Document reconstruction to review content directly in the search window.
  • Option to save queries for common searches.
  • Automated queries can run on a scheduled basis.
  • Tagging of data to support classification and management of content.