TFD: CyberSense for Dell EMC Cyber Recovery

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Real-time cybersecurity solutions aren't 100%. Adding CyberSense to the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery vault enables for the discovery of corrupt files that have already been attacked and empowers organizations to restore data and avoid business interuptions.

Join us here October 18 at 11 am ET, 8 am PT to watch the livestream of how Index Engines and Dell EMC provide a secure and powerful solution against ransomware attacks or complete the form below to learn more today.

Key Features and Benefits

CyberSense delivers a unique approach by looking inside data to determine if it has been attacked. Key advantages include:

  • Fully integrated with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery vault
  • More than 40 statistics generated that look inside the data for unusual behavior
  • Machine learning to generate a Yes/No indicator that an attack has occurred
  • Forensic tools to find corrupt files, and diagnose the attack vector
  • Ability to restore last good file to minimize business interruption