Octane for Unified eDiscovery
When time, defensibility and efficiency matter

Octane’s Unified eDiscovery Platform provides users with advanced abilities to collect, process and preserve ESI for litigation while keeping defensibility, time-to-data and cost at the forefront.

Index Engines understands that discovery deadlines are tightening, making every hour of every day crucial. Even just a day or two delay takes away mission-critical time litigators need, which is why we provide you with the fastest indexing engine on the market – a validated 1 terabyte per hour using a single node - not just marketing hype.

Once collected, the data is equipped with intelligent filtering options to streamline and accelerate the culling process based on common metadata or even keywords. No other software has a more dramatic impact on time to data.

Plus, feel confident with steady, reliable results using a single interface and an integrated workflow that allows for unified identification and capture of unique ESI from hard drives, network, email servers, forensic images and even backup tapes. No other software has a more dramatic impact on defensibility.

Flexible pricing models are designed to be extremely competitive and predictable. Project or subscription based solutions allow for cost effective deployment options. No other software has a more dramatic impact on your business.

Octane for Unified eDiscovery can be used as an all-in-one complete ESI discovery tool or, to give you extreme flexibility, can be deployed to support ESI collection, processing and preservation – to supplement current workflows.

  • ESI Collection Provides the most powerful, comprehensive collection solution on the market, allowing you to secure data from any source quickly and easily. Broad-level file support includes: Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, online networks, forensic images, email servers, backup tapes, and more.
  • ESI Processing Culls and filters ESI on a single server, automatically deduplicating, denisting and filtering results. Data is identified and aggregated from any available source, from online file and email servers, desktops, forensic images to backup tapes. ESI is captured and processed in a defensible manner ensuring results are reliable and accurate
  • ESI Preservation Octane’s ESI archive module is an integrated repository that streamlines the workflow, ensures defensibility and allows for flexible management and hosting of responsive ESI. ESI that is collected using Octane can be automatically preserved in the archive. Octane’s archive can be web hosted allowing collaboration with those who need controlled access to ESI for review and analysis.