Catalyst for the Enterprise
Leveraging knowledge, disposition and power over unstructured data

Catalyst for the Enterprise provides a complete, automated management system for data centers that reports and analyzes the unstructured data environment, allows advanced disposition policies to be created and sensitive content be preserved in a secure archive.

Catalyst for the Enterprise is flexible, allowing parts to be licensed separately and in combination so you can meet your information management goals, whether it’s classifying information, locating sensitive data, managing storage capacity, implementing charge backs, data center migration or simply understanding what data exists to start the creation of information governance policies. Catalyst support profiling of data on networks, servers, email, SharePoint, legacy backup tapes and more.

Catalyst for the Enterprise offers flexible deployment options including software-only, cloud and virtual.  The core capabilities of the Catalyst platform include:

Data Profiling: Catalyst processes all forms of unstructured files and document types, creating a searchable index of what exists, where it is located, who owns it, when it was last accessed and optionally what key terms are in it. Leveraging a rich metadata or full text index as well as powerful Active Directory integration, content can be profiled and analyzed with a single click. Catalyst’s high-level summary reports allow instant insight into enterprise storage providing never-before knowledge of data assets. During this process, mystery data can be managed and classified, including content that has outlived its business value or sensitive data that poses a corporate risk or liability.

Data Disposition: Catalyst enables you to build and automate policies to manage this data. The built-in disposition capabilities within the Catalyst engine make constructing and enforcing information management, compliance, defensible deletion or other retention policies simple, auditable and automated. Set parameters around what data exists, who owns it, file type, when it was last accessed and where it’s located.  Disposition options include, migration to cloud or lower cost storage tiers, deletion, archiving, and more.

Data Archiving: Catalyst identifies what has value and should be kept for long-term preservation and eliminates the save-everything strategy and streamlines the archiving process. Many organizations have found that less than 10% of unstructured data needs to be retained for long term business purposes, versus the 100% retention of traditional archiving solutions that merely replicate all data. With Catalyst value based archiving is a reality.