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Detect, Diagnose and Recover from a Cyberattack

Cyberattacks will occur, even with the most advanced security applications in place. Organizations need to be smarter. Smart enough to know when their core infrastructure, user data and key production databases are corrupted due to ransomware.

CyberSense® monitors backup data to understand how data changes over time including changes that are indicative of a cyberattack. As a last line of defense, CyberSense will then alert when data is corrupted allowing for an intelligent recovery plan.

At the heart of CyberSense is a full-content-analytics engine that inspects inside files and databases for even the most sophisticated attacks. No other solution can compare and provide the confidence that data has integrity. Machine learning is then utilized with 99.5% accuracy to determine if the data corruption is due to malware.

If an attack is suspected, CyberSense will deliver an alert, and provide post-attack diagnostics to determine when the attack occurred, how much damage was done, what data was attacked, the source of the corruption, and the last good backup sets generated before the attack.

Without CyberSense organizations will not have confidence their backup data is clean and ready for restore after an attack occurs. CyberSense is delivered through leading technology partners such as Dell Technologies and IBM Resiliency Services.

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