Data Minimization and ROT Cleanup

The cost of storage may be cheap, however, the cost of managing growing content on premise is not. Data center costs are rising. Many alternatives exist to reduce the on-premise storage footprint.

Index Engines supports data classification and file analysis to help understand what exists, determine the value and either purge it or migrate it to a lower-cost storage platform such as the cloud. Index Engines clients find that this effort can easily deliver a return on investment in less than one year of deployment.

Index Engines’ Workflow

Index Engines’ software implements a simple workflow to migrate data to where it needs to be.

No other solution can provide the efficiency and speed of deployment, providing intelligence that will help define data policies.

Key features include:

- Petabyte-class indexing technology
- High speed, enterprise class performance
- Comprehensive search and reporting
- Integrated management and disposition capabilities
- Secure archiving to support preservation and access of sensitive data
- Automated data management to support ongoing polices
Data Cleanup


Index Engines' enterprise-ready architecture delivers high speed, efficient indexing for unstructured files and email. With the fastest speeds on the market today, clients depend on Index Engines to support hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of content.


Key Product Features:

  • Up to 1TB/hour/node indexing performance
  • Agentless technology, easily integrates
  • In place indexing: Metadata or full content
  • Support for petabyte class environments


Flexible, dynamic reporting on a wide range of metadata and other file properties allows for detailed understanding of data assets. Report on data owners, departments, hosts, age, size, duplicates, file types and more.

Key Product Features:

  • Dynamic reports include access/modified dates, duplicates, file types/extensions, hosts, locations, owners, size, patterns, tags and more.
  • Integration with Active Directory allow for classifying reports by group or department.
  • Email reports facilitate reporting on sender and receiver domains.
  • Federated reporting available across multiple Index Engines nodes.


Data can then be classified into meaningful categories and tagged for simplified management. Find aged data that has not been accessed, duplicate content that has no value, files owned by ex-employees, personal data such as movies, music and vacation photos, trivial content such as log files, and more.

migration 2

Key Product Features:

  • Summarize data by storage capacity and file count.
  • Classify data by location, server, date range and more.
  • Integrate with Tableau for advanced analytics.
  • Export data as a CSV text file.



Data that is deemed aged and outdated can be purged to reclaim primary storage capacity. Data minimization can easily pay for itself by reclaiming of up to 40% of primary storage capacity.

Key Product Features:

  • Analysis of redundant, obsolete & trivial data
  • Defensible deletion of ROT
  • Streamline data center & reclaim capacity
  • Significantly reduce data storage expense


Index Engines integrated management capabilities support migration of data that is no longer active but must be maintained, to the cloud to reduce costs. Migrating data off premise to lower cost cloud storage will save data center costs.


Key Product Features:

  • Integrated disposition: migrate, copy, delete
  • Monitor data in place
  • Tier data to cheaper cloud storage
  • Integrated archiving of sensitive content


As data policies are defined they can be stored and scheduled to run so content will be continually managed. This ensures that data management is not a one time task but an on-going effort that is automated and efficient.

Key Product Features:

  • Automated indexing and classification
  • Monitor data in place based on policy
  • Schedule and run stored policy queries
  • Automated reporting with email notifications

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