CyberSense for Dell EMC Cyber Recovery

Index Engines’ CyberSense software is designed to protect organizations against ransomware that may already exist in the data center and provides a quick solution to find the corrupted files or databases and replace them with the last good copy.

Assuming other software is focused on preventing cyber attacks, CyberSense assumes that this security software has failed and monitors the mission-critical data within backup, looking for signs of a cyberattack.

CyberSense integrates with Dell EMC’s Cyber Recovery solution for ransomware protection. Dell EMC leverages the backup workflow to copy and secure sensitive business records in an isolated vault. Using backup software such as Networker and Avamar, key business data is replicated to the vault on a scheduled basis.

Index Engines’ CyberSense is aware of this replicated data and processes the backup images as they occur, using direct indexing technology that does not require the original backup software in the vault, and generate statistics about the data.

The statistics are then analyzed using machine learning algorithms that have been trained on the latest ransomware threats to make a deterministic decision on whether the data has been attacked.

Together these solutions provide a secure and powerful solution against ransomware attacks. If an attack does get past the real time defenses, and corrupts files or databases, CyberSense can detect it quickly and within a backup cycle the last good copy of the data can be retrieved.

This enables business operations to continue without any interruption and cyberattacks to be thwarted quickly and painlessly. 

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CyberSense integrates with Dell EMC’s Cyber Recovery solution for ransomware protection - learn more in our data sheet.

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